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Photos of Big Creek

We welcome photos, recipes, and stories of Big Creek from anyone who cares to share them!
Please see the bottom of this page for guidelines on how to submit them.

barn   bruce  
  big house  
cookhouse   cookhouse map  
bell   kiln building  
view   goats  
studio deck   starr  
cookhouse steps   jack and sari  

And here's a video trailer that came out advertising the upcoming museum show about BCP in Santa Cruz:

Sharing photos, recipes, etc:

Scans should be at least 300 dpi, so they come out nice and clear. You can email them to us at BCPReunion-at-gmail dot com. Recipes can be typed, or can be scanned if they look interesting and well-loved! We are also looking for any wild stories and interesting memories you may have of BCP, representative of the place as a life-changing experience, an place where anything could happen, a place that inspired artistic endeavor, or a symbol/symptom of the era when you attended.

By sharing photos and other images/information with us, you are agreeing to allow them to be published on the website, as well as any book that may come out of this endeavor; all contributions will be attributed to the person who sends it in unless we are told otherwise. No sales of shared work will be for profit; all money will go to defray costs of the reunion, the museum or other non-profit methods of preserving this history.